Apache Camel 3: the next generation of enterprise integration

Claus Ibsen, Andrea Cosentino

English Session 2021-08-06 13:30 GMT+8  #integration

Apache Camel is the leading open source integration framework, which has been around for over a decade. In the last year and half, the Camel team has been working on the next generation v3.

The overall goal of this webinar is to show you what’s new in Camel 3, and how Camel is aimed for running modern cloud native workloads.

Apache Camel is now a family of Camel projects:

  • Camel 3
  • Camel K
  • Camel Quarkus
  • Camel Kafka Connector
  • Camel Spring Boot
  • Camel Karaf

Camel is the Swiss knife of integration, and the most powerful integration framework. In this session you will hear about the latest features in the new 3rd generation.

Camel K is the serverless integration platform, enabling low-code/no-code capabilities, where integrations can be snapped together quickly using the powers from integration patterns and Camel’s extensive set of connectors.

Using Knative, the fast runtime of Quarkus, and Camel K; then the trio brings awesome serverless features such as auto-scaling, scaling to zero, and event-based communication, and with great integration capabilities from Apache Camel.

We will show quick demos of how Camel 3 and Camel k and present insights into what’s coming next.


Claus Ibsen: Claus Ibsen (@davsclaus) is an open-source enthusiast and software developer. He’s co-leading the Apache Camel project, a project used for integration; which he has been working on full time for more than a decade. Currently Claus is working on expanding Camel into cloud-native and serverless with the latest innovations of Apache Camel K and Camel Quarkus.

With passion and enthusiasm Claus evangelizes about Apache Camel, Java and open source by being active on social media, writing blogs and books, speaking at conferences, etc.

Besides being a JavaChampion, Claus is also a member at Apache Software Foundation.

Prior to joining Red Hat, he has worked as a software developer, architect, and consultant for over a decade. He is based in Denmark.

Andrea Cosentino: Andrea Cosentino (@oscerd2) is an open-source addicted and software developer. He co-leads Apache Camel and he’s the Project Management Committee (PMC) Chair of the project. He’s currently working on expanding the Camel ecosystem through new subprojects like Camel K, Camel Quarkus, and Camel Kafka Connector (the latest project in the family).

Andrea is a Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat where he works on the Red Hat® Fuse Team, focusing on integration.

Andrea is active on multiple open-source projects like Apache Karaf, Apache Servicemix, in the roles of committer and PMC Member respectively and on Fabric8 Kubernetes-client as one of the core maintainer.

Andrea is active on social media and blogs, talking about Apache Camel and open source in general.