Foreseeing API development trends from the Cloud-Native Gateway Apache APISIX

Jiang Chenwei

English Session 2022-07-31 14:10 GMT+8  #api

With the concept of cloud-native more impressive, the development method using a native way based on the cloud service we can call cloud-native architecture now become the critical way to reduce costs and increase efficiency. There is no hesitation in saying that traditional microservice architectures are being “baptized” by cloud-native technologies. Cloud-native gateway is one of the representative technologies. While ensuring the primary load balancing function, it can also rely on its cloud-native attributes to achieve tasks including but not limited to observability, authentication, etc. By explaining the architectural solution implementation of the cloud-native gateway, we can foresee the future API development trend.


Jiang Chenwei: Apache APISIX, Server-side Development Engineer, who is an open-source enthusiast and have participated in OSPP 2021 to complete the NFC project with the Tsinghua University tuna community. Interned at as a server-side software engineer. I was the official host of the VSCode Chinese community. He has also open-sourced a java project for rapid integration development, which is under continuous maintenance. For more information, please refer to his GitHub profile: