API / Microservice

Track Chairs : Zhiyuan Ju

API is the base of service connectivity. Through API, we can build various services and provide them to users. With the increasing complexity of applications, monolith is gradually split into microservices, and products can be iterated quickly at the same time, it also brings technical challenges in terms of safety, maintenance and observability.

There are many projects in ASF that are related to APIs and gateway, such as Apache APISIX , Apache Shenyu etc.

In this topic, you can not only learn about cutting-edge technologies and prospects, but also learn the best practices of these Apache projects.


13:30 GMT+8 K8s Gateway construction based on Apache APISIX Chinese Session 曾强

14:10 GMT+8 Essence Securities is based on the cloud native gateway practice of Apache APISIX Chinese Session 卢勇辉

14:50 GMT+8 Why do modern microservices architectures need cloud native API gateways Chinese Session 王院生

15:30 GMT+8 APISIX Runtime Debugging Chinese Session ZhengSong Tu

16:10 GMT+8 The practical path of API gateways Chinese Session 展留坤

16:50 GMT+8 Apache Shenyu realizes full link gray scale based on OpenSergo Chinese Session 鲁严波


14:10 GMT+8 Foreseeing API development trends from the Cloud-Native Gateway Apache APISIX English Session Jiang Chenwei

15:30 GMT+8 Starting Apache APISIX on the right foot English Session Bobur Umurzokov, Ayush Das

16:10 GMT+8 Protecting your APIs with Apache APISIX English Session Navendu Pottekkat

16:50 GMT+8 Chopping the monolith English Session Fränkel Nicolas