The story of Apache Member and foundation after 1995


Chinese Session 2022-07-30 13:30 GMT+8  #community

Ju Zhiyuan, born in 1997, learned about Apache Web Server and was attracted by the feather Logo after contacting the Web field. At the time, he never thought he would get involved and have a story with the Apache Software Foundation. After graduating from college in 2019, he noticed the APISIX project and worked on it, which was then donated to the Apache Software Foundation. In 2020, The Apache APISIX Program graduated from the Foundation with great speed and quality, and he became a member of the Apache APISIX PMC program Management Committee. In the past three years, he has devoted his energy and love to projects and communities. This year, he is also honored to be elected as Apache Member. Through the story of Ju Zhiyuan, the Foundation and the Apache APISIX community, I believe that he can bring inspiration to community lovers/viewers.


Zhiyuan Ju:, Head of Global, Ju Zhiyuan was selected to Apache APISIX PPMC in October 2019 and Apache Member and China Open source Power List in March 2022. He is in charge of the globalization team at API7.AI, a commercial open source software company, and has been one of the core organizers of ApacheCon Speaker, OSPP/GSoC Mentor and freeCodeCamp in China.