Track Chairs : Yejing Wang

Why ASF believes “Community over Code”? There is more to open source than just code contribution.

The Community track covers topics such as community governance model, growing open source project communities, diversity & inclusion, measuring community health, community management tools and data, project roadmaps, case studies, and any other topic around sustaining open source and open source communities.

We welcome you to share your community story with a broader audience.


13:30 GMT+8 The story of Apache Member and foundation after 1995 Chinese Session 琚致远

14:10 GMT+8 How to enable and foster open source collaboration with leading corporations listed on the stock market English Session Yacine Si Tayeb

14:50 GMT+8 How to work remotely with open source developers in a friendly way Chinese Session 李广远

15:30 GMT+8 Sharing openGauss Community Governance Practices: From Open Source to Open Governance Chinese Session 梅相如

16:10 GMT+8 Apache Doris community operation practice and thinking Chinese Session 鲁志敬


13:30 GMT+8 From Zero to 1.5k Stars: Launching a New Open Source Project English Session Maxim Wheatley

14:10 GMT+8 The exploration and practice of creating Apache project localization user group Chinese Session 王殿进

14:50 GMT+8 From O&M to Tech-Writer, how to understand the importance of documentation for open source software Chinese Session 韩飞

15:30 GMT+8 Open source website information architecture of the way to attack and defend Chinese Session Yu Liu

16:10 GMT+8 Building Super-Contributors in Alluxio Open Source Community English Session Jasmine Wang

16:50 GMT+8 Apache APISIX community practice sharing Chinese Session Jing Li,Reese Liu