The exploration and practice of creating Apache project localization user group


Chinese Session 2022-07-31 14:10 GMT+8  #community

Apache projects are mostly international communities, English is the primary language of communication, and rely on mailing lists for important feature voting and event synchronization. This obviously doesn’t fit in well with current Chinese user habits. So, how should we build Chinese developers and user groups for Apache projects? How can we better practice the Apache approach during the build process? In the meantime, what should I pay attention to? In this talk, I will share my experience in building local user groups for Apache projects, hoping to provide a reference for building Chinese user groups for other Apache projects.


Dianjin Wang: StreamNative, Community leader, ALC Beijing Member, open source enthusiast, is currently serving as community leader in StreamNative, promoting the construction and growth of Apache Pulsar community, and recently focusing on Apache community and open source operation.