Apache APISIX community practice sharing

Jing Li,Reese Liu

Chinese Session 2022-07-31 16:50 GMT+8  #community

How to help the community to expand its influence and build a positive cycle of community ecology has always been a question for everyone to think about. For Jing and Reese, what they can do for Apache APISIX, as beginners and non-contributors to the open source community, is the biggest puzzle and inevitable consideration on the way of growth. In the process of helping Apache APISIX build a community, Jing and Reese have stepped into many holes. For example: Where to draw the line between open source community and commercialization? How to coordinate conflicts of interest with third parties? What problems have YOU encountered on the way to do Summit/ Meetup? How activities between open source communities benefit “both sides”; How long the free face brush lasts and what we can do after it’s done; How can APISIX communicate and collaborate with other open source communities in order to be more acceptable to them? Compared with other KPI-based open source business models, how do we do it: Avoid over-involvement of operations people in open source project collaboration, especially “over-embellishments”? In every activity, we should constantly grope and advance.


Jing Li: Apache APISIX community, Apache APISIX Contributor/ API7.ai User growth team, From api7.ai user growth team, as a non-code contributor of Apache APISIX community, participated in organizing many offline and online Meetup of APISIX community and Apache APISIX Summit Asia 2022.

Reese Liu: Apache APISIX community, Apache APISIX Contributor/API7.ai User growth team, From API7. Ai user growth team. Although I study administration, I have been committed to the execution of every activity since I started school. And contributed planning solutions for Apache APISIX, including The Apache APISIX Summit Asia 2022.