From O&M to Tech-Writer, how to understand the importance of documentation for open source software


Chinese Session 2022-07-31 14:50 GMT+8  #community

In this talk, Humphrey will introduce how an open source novice completes the transformation from operation and maintenance to Tech-writer. In addition, from his own perspective, he will explain why he should engage in the technical document writing of the open source community and the importance of the open source software document, and explain how non-technical students participate in the contribution of the open source software document from a professional perspective. From operations to the change of technical writing, in fact, more can understand why open source software for good documentation, in daily operational work, to be exposed to a lot of open source software, how to quickly get started and it is very important to study these open source software, then for han fei, what made him want to engage in technical writing? Open source software documentation not important? Want to know what features just look at the source code is bad? I believe that many developers will have these ideas, so standing in the perspective of operation and technical writing Humphrey, how to view this problem? Many people have heard of and participated in open source, but many people have the misconception that open source software is for developers, and non-developers are not allowed to participate in the open source community. This misconception leads many people to stop looking at open source. In this talk, Humphrey will focus on how to participate in the open source community from a documentation perspective, and how to contribute to the open source community in non-code ways.


Fei Han: Apache APISIX, Technical Documentation Engineer, At present, I am engaged in the official document writing of open source software Apache APISIX in Before, I participated in several offline Meetup meetings of QNAP South China and made speeches.