From Zero to 1.5k Stars: Launching a New Open Source Project

Maxim Wheatley

English Session 2022-07-31 13:30 GMT+8  #community

In this session, Maxim Wheatley (Head of Business and Marketing) will share lessons learned and practical tips from the open source launch of DevLake, an open source DevOps platform that grew to over 1.5K stars on GitHub in under two months! In this talk, attendees will learn about all the key details, from crafting an effective GitHub page and ReadMe, to strategic marketing and community efforts to bring massive attention to the project.


Maxim Wheatley: Merico, Head of Business and Marketing, Maxim Wheatley is currently Head of Business and Marketing at Merico, where he joined as employee #5 and has helped grow the company to 100 people around the world. Maxim leads open source strategy and community development, and most recently launched Merico’s newest successful open source project DevLake. Maxim has worked as a successful founder, and in the world of venture capital. He brings deep knowledge as both an operator and investor having worked for and with startups for 10+ years. Maxim is a proud graduate of Georgetown University where he studied Cognitive Science and Psychology, and worked as an Entrepreneur in Residence at Georgetown’s leading business school.