Build High Performance Pulsar with Intel Optane Persistent Memory

Fenghua Hu

Chinese Session 2022-07-31 14:10 GMT+8  (ROOM : B) #messaging

Intel Optane persistent memory (PMem) is a revolutionary memory product, which combines high performance, large capacity, persistence and other features, and has won consistent praise in the industry. Especially in the case of extreme performance requirements, PMem can give full play to its advantages. Pulsar is a popular message queue software, widely used in many fields. In this talk, we will show you how to use Intel Optane PMem to further improve Pulsar throughput, reduce latency, and effectively cope with performance demanding scenarios.


Feng-hua Hu: Intel Optane Group, Cloud software architect, Hu fenghua is a cloud software architect at Intel’s Optane Group in Data Center and AI (DCAI) Group. He has over 18 years of experience in system architecture design, development and tuning in the fields of file systems, storage systems, cloud computing and big data. He has worked as a software architect and software engineering manager in Alibaba Group and EMC China R&D Center. He is currently working on the integration of Optane persistent memory with various cloud computing workloads and system performance optimization.