Track Chairs : Dianjin Wang, Heng Du

Messaging system is used to enable communication between systems by sending messages to each other. It is used to decouple heavyweight processing, to buffer or batch work, and to smooth spiky workloads, also it can be used as the basic infrastructure for event driven and streaming systems.

In ASF, there are various projects that provide messaging services, for example: Apache Pulsar, Apache Kafka , Apache RocketMQ, Apache ActiveMQ, Apache Inlong, etc.

In this topic, the messaging communities will share first-line experiences and best practices, exchange ideas and knowledge, and discuss the roadmap and the future of messaging technologies.



14:00 GMT+8 Xiaomi's practice of building a high availability online messaging platform based on RocketMQ Chinese Session 王帆

14:40 GMT+8 RocketMQ based full link business gray scale Chinese Session 黄展鹏

15:20 GMT+8 RocketMQ event and data flow fusion processing of big data ecology Chinese Session 李伟

16:00 GMT+8 RocketMQ and Kafka and a painting technique used in Chinese and Western cultures. Chinese Session 彭龙

16:40 GMT+8 Flash Large scale ActiveMQ smooth migration RocketMQ Chinese Session 高向阳

17:20 GMT+8 Cloud native practice and application of RocketMQ message queue in mobile cloud Chinese Session 胡宗棠



13:30 GMT+8 FLiPN Awesome Streaming with Open Source English Session Timothy Spann

14:10 GMT+8 Introducing TableView: Pulsar's database table abstraction English Session David Kjerrumgaard

14:50 GMT+8 No Topic Metadata Limitation, the Infinite Data Retention in Apache Pulsar Chinese Session Penghui Li

15:30 GMT+8 How Kafka-on-Pulsar Integrates with Pulsar Schema to Leverage Pulsar for Kafka Users Chinese Session Yunze Xu

16:10 GMT+8 Deep Dive into Message Chunking in Pulsar Chinese Session Zike Yang

16:50 GMT+8 Deep Dive into Apache Pulsar: How the Two-Phase Deletion Protocol Works between Storage and Metadata Chinese Session Yan Zhao



13:30 GMT+8 How Tencent Applies Apache Pulsar to Apache InLong Chinese Session LinChen

14:10 GMT+8 Make Apache Pulsar as Lakehouse: Introducing the Lakehouse Tiered Storage Integration for Pulsar Chinese Session Hang Chen

14:50 GMT+8 Another Way for Integrating Pulsar and Lakehouse: Connector for Sinking Pulsar Topic Data into the Lakehouse Storage Chinese Session Yong Zhang

15:30 GMT+8 Build a Real-time Data Warehouse Based on Apache Pulsar Chinese Session Dezhi Liu, Zike Yang

16:10 GMT+8 Cluster and Cloud: Best Practices for Apache Pulsar's Authentication and Authorization Chinese Session Teng Fu, Guangning E

16:50 GMT+8 Integrating Apache Pulsar with BigQuery to Build Data Pipelines Chinese Session Baodi Shi

17:30 GMT+8 Using Apache Pulsar on OpenTelemetry Collector Chinese Session Jiuming Tao



13:30 GMT+8 The Evolution Of Apache Pulsar As A Message Queue In Huawei Device Chinese Session Lin Lin, Xiaotong Wang

14:10 GMT+8 The Exploration and Practice of Apache Pulsar in vivo Chinese Session Jianbo Chen, Limin Quan

14:50 GMT+8 The Practice of KoP in Sina Weibo Chinese Session Wenbing Shen

15:30 GMT+8 The Practice of Apache Pulsar in Tencent Cloud Chinese Session Xiaolong Ran

16:10 GMT+8 BIGO’s Pulsar Performance Optimization Practices in High Throughput Catch-up Read Scenarios Chinese Session Zhanpeng Wu

16:50 GMT+8 The Design and Implementation of Log Processing DSL Based on Pulsar Functions Chinese Session Jialing Wang



14:00 GMT+8 RocketMQ Streams- Best practices for lightweight computing in cloud security and edge computing Chinese Session 袁小栋

14:40 GMT+8 Luban RocketMQ platform message grayscale scheme Chinese Session 区二立

15:20 GMT+8 Build a new data flow processing platform based on RocketMQ Connect Chinese Session 周波

16:00 GMT+8 Apache RocketMQ 5.0: Evolution of a messaging, event, and stream converged high availability architecture Chinese Session 金融通

16:40 GMT+8 Application of message-driven lightweight computing in logistics Chinese Session 王鑫

17:20 GMT+8 Apache RocketMQ 5.0 in the field of streaming storage practice and exploration Chinese Session 刘振东



13:30 GMT+8 When failure is not an option. English Session David Kjerrumgaard

14:10 GMT+8 Build High Performance Pulsar with Intel Optane Persistent Memory Chinese Session Fenghua Hu

14:50 GMT+8 How the Key_Shared Subscription Works Chinese Session Jiwei Guo

15:30 GMT+8 A Deep Dive into Apache Pulsar Transactions Chinese Session Xiangying Meng

16:10 GMT+8 Load Manager in Apache Pulsar: How Does it Work and How to Use it Chinese Session Kai Wang

16:50 GMT+8 Practice of mobile Cloud RabbitMQ message queue in Openstack super scale application Chinese Session 胡宗棠