Cloud native practice and application of RocketMQ message queue in mobile cloud


Chinese Session 2022-07-29 17:20 GMT+8  (ROOM : A) #messaging

RocketMQ, as a message queue component, has been widely used and implemented in many internal business systems of China Mobile (e-commerce platform, trading platform and portal management platform). Each time a business system needs to access and use the RocketMQ message queue component, a request form or work order is submitted to the RocketMQ middleware development team and SRE, and SRE or delivery team members deploy the RocketMQ component version on the server using a batch deployment tool. With the large-scale deployment and use of RocketMQ message queues, the RocketMQ middleware team faces many challenges in terms of cluster resiliency, versioning, and improving server resource utilization. As the guest of this topic, Zongtang Hu will introduce the cloud native practice and application of RocketMQ message queue in mobile cloud from the following aspects.

  • Definition of cloud native message queue;
  • Mobile cloud RocketMQ message queue introduction;
  • Elastic design and practice of RocketMQ message queue cloud native;
  • Technical evolution and future outlook of RocketMQ cloud native message queue;


Zongtang Hu: China Mobile Cloud Capability Center, Technical experts, Hu Zongtang, China Mobile Cloud Capability Center, technical expert in cloud native field, Apache RocketMQ Committer, SOFAJRaft Committer, Alibaba/Nacos Committer, Linux OpenMessaging Member Familiar with distributed message queue, API gateway and distributed transaction middleware design principle, architecture and various application scenarios, rich experience in high performance, high availability and high concurrency.