A Deep Dive into Apache Pulsar Transactions

Xiangying Meng

Chinese Session 2022-07-31 15:30 GMT+8  (ROOM : B) #messaging

Apache Pulsar Transactions represent a vital feature supported by Apache Pulsar since version 2.9.0. After several iterations, the feature is now stable and has been adopted and put into production by many companies. Here is a quick look at the outline of this speech:

  • Introduce the basic concepts and implementation principles of transactions.
  • How to use and configure transactions, including the roles of different configurations in transactions.
  • How to use transactions to send and acknowledge messages.
  • Tips and notes that we need to pay more attention to.
  • Optimization plans for transactions in the future.
  • How to use maintenance tools to check relevant information (e.g, status) about transactions and test their performance.


Xiangying Meng, StreamNative Platform Engineer, Apache Pulsar Committer, open source enthusiast, focusing on Apache Pulsar Transactions.