Xiaomi's practice of building a high availability online messaging platform based on RocketMQ


Chinese Session 2022-07-29 14:00 GMT+8  (ROOM : A) #messaging

Message queue is the pipeline connecting and decoupling various heterogeneous data systems. Based on the RocketMQ community and its own research, Xiaomi has built a set of highly available and high-performance online messaging platform for integration, industrial and commercial scenarios, which can significantly reduce users' access costs. This article will share common application scenarios and data scale, and then introduce the best practices of messaging platform construction, including high availability, performance optimization, disaster recovery, observability, resource optimization, DevOPS, heterogeneous data source integration, Schema and other related content. Finally, a brief description of future planning will be given. It includes storage separation, hierarchical storage, metadata self-management, and storage layer optimization.


Fan Wang: Senior Software development engineer Xiaomi, I am the principal of message middleware in The Middle Taiwan Department of Xiaomi Data, focusing on data integration, message queue, streaming computing framework and other fields. Currently, I am mainly involved in the construction of RocketMQ open source community.