Cluster and Cloud: Best Practices for Apache Pulsar's Authentication and Authorization

Teng Fu, Guangning E

Chinese Session 2022-07-31 16:10 GMT+8  (ROOM : A) #messaging

Data security has become an essential competitive advantage for enterprises. As we know, Apache Pulsar supports many authentication and authentication plug-ins, and different companies and organizations may develop their authentication and authentication tools according to their needs. What are best practices for cluster and cloud environments in this connection?

In this speech, we will focus on the authentication and authorization implementation of Apache Pulsar. First, we will discuss how enterprises can create a secure Apache Pulsar cluster and build personalized Pulsar-based authentication or authorization plug-ins. Second, we will explain how to provide users with a unified authentication and authorization framework on the cloud to meet different needs.


Teng Fu, StreamNative Technical Support Engineer. With 9 years of big data experience in telecom operations, he is familiar with the platform architecture, building, security and maintenance of big data. He also has experience in creating platform products using real-time data warehouses, cloud-native tools and AI-driven technologies.

Quangning E, StreamNative Software Engineer, Apache Pulsar Committer, Major Contributor to Apache Pulsar IO and Apache Pulsar Manager. He is focused on cloud platforms, cloud computing, and big data related fields.