Use Apache Pulsar Functions in a Cloud-Native way

Rui Fu

Chinese Session 2022-07-30 16:50 GMT+8  #streaming

Pulsar Function is a succinct computing abstraction Apache Pulsar provides to express simple ETL and streaming tasks. The simplicity comes in two folds: Simple Interface and Simple Deployment. As it has been adopted, we realized that the ability to run natively on the cloud and integrate multiple functions into one integrity are key to user success. We developed this new feature – Function Mesh – to support these new requirements. This talk aims to provide a thorough walkthrough of this new Function Mesh Feature, including its design, implementation, use cases, and examples, to help people seeking simple streaming solutions understand this newly created powerful tool in Apache Pulsar.


Rui Fu: StreamNative, Software Engineer, Rui Fu is Apache Pulsar Committer and a software engineer at StreamNative. Before joining StreamNative, he was a platform engineer at the Energy Internet Research Institute of Tsinghua University. He led and focused on stream data processing and IoT platform development at Energy Internet Research Institute. Rui received his postgraduate degree from HKUST and an undergraduate degree from The University of Sheffield.