Track Chairs : Yu Li

Streaming data processing is a big deal in big data these days, businesses crave ever-more timely insights into their data, and what was once a ‘batch’ mindset is quickly being replaced with stream processing. More and more companies, small and large, are rethinking their architecture with real-time context at the forefront, and starting to build their streaming platforms with powerful open source engines such as Apache Flink, Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, Apache Pulsar, Apache Storm, etc.

In this topic, you will not only learn about the practical experience of first-line users in applying these Apache projects to their in-production environment, but also the latest developments in the ecology of these Apache projects, and visions on where streaming technology is heading in the future.


13:30 GMT+8 Practice of flow batch integration in JINGdong Logistics based on Apache Flink Chinese Session 康琪

14:10 GMT+8 Millet real-time data integration practice based on FlinkSQL Chinese Session 胡焕

14:50 GMT+8 Optimization practice of Apache Flink stability in large cluster Chinese Session 邱从贤

15:30 GMT+8 The practice and landing of the real-time computing data flow framework based on Apache Flink in Jingdong Retail Chinese Session 张颖,闫莉刚

16:10 GMT+8 Tencent advertising Flink actual combat: feature production, training samples, strategy calculation Chinese Session 林立伟

16:50 GMT+8 Practice of Jinshan Cloud real-time computing platform based on Apache Flink and its application in epidemic prevention scenarios Chinese Session 郑舒力


13:30 GMT+8 Efficient construction of real-time data lakes based on Flink CDC and Hudi Chinese Session 徐榜江

14:10 GMT+8 Using Apache Pulsar to develop stream batch integration application based on Apache Flink Chinese Session 盛宇帆

14:50 GMT+8 Build streaming delta warehouse -- CDC based on data lake format Chinese Session 毕岩

15:30 GMT+8 Introduce the Flink SQL Connector for Pulsar and PulsarCatalog English Session Yufei Zhang

16:10 GMT+8 Making Flink K8S works as your wish Chinese Session 赵波

16:50 GMT+8 Use Apache Pulsar Functions in a Cloud-Native way Chinese Session Rui Fu