Track Chairs : Jun Liu, Weibing Wang

RPC (Remote Procedure Call) is one of the key solutions of the distributed architecture aiming to solve the cross-process and cross-host communication. It has been the core technology behind the widely running distributed system since the invention of distributed architecture and RPC. Standing in the era of Cloud Computing, especially the development of Microservices, Cloud Native, and other popular architectures, RPC began to play a more important role than ever before.

This forum focus on high-performance, high-extensible RPC frameworks as well as their use cases.

The topics suitable but not restricted for this forum are as follows:

  1. RPC frameworks focusing on solving the communicating issues in distributed systems, such as RPC, Dubbo, ServiceComb, Thrift, etc., sharing of feature evolution, performance optimization, and others are welcomed.
  2. Projects that play as middleware or infrastructure in distributed systems and are directly or closely related to RPC frameworks, such as APISIX, Shenyu, Skywalking, etc.
  3. Usecases or experiences with RPC frameworks powered by the ASF, such as practices on bRPC and Dubbo.