Where: Laughlin 3

When: 9AM - 11PM M-Th - whenever there's not a plenary event going on (ie, keynotes, reception, lightning talks, etc.)

Collaborative development on project source code, improvements to project documentation, and development of example tools or apps built upon one or more Apache projects are all encouraged.

  • Dedicated space with chairs, power, wifi, snacks, and caffeine.
  • Tables dedicated to specific participating projects
  • Help setting up development environments or completing hackathon tasks
  • Concierge Charging Station with supervised charging of phones/laptops.
  • Confirmed Participating Projects:

  • Apache Beam (M-Tu)
  • Apache Community Development (TBD)
  • Apache Streams (M-Th)
  • Hackathon Special Event Schedule:

    Event Time
    Users Tutorial on Hacking Beam TBD
    Beam Committer Office hours 2-3pm M-Tu
    One Billion Kids Can Code demo 11am-12pm Wednesday
    Streams Committer Office hours 2pm-3pm M-Th
    Users Tutorial on Hacking Streams 1-2pm M-Th

    Contact planners@apachecon.com if you are an apache member or committer willing to coordinate hack activity for your project.

    Contact dev@community.apache.org if you have ideas to share or to let others know you are planning to participate.