Track Chairs : Willem Jiang, Jerry Tan

Keynote track is the main track. we invite many famous people in open source community, they will share their visions and insights about open source.


09:05 GMT+8 Congratulations to the ApacheCon Asia (Asia) Online Conference Chinese Session Shouqun Lu

09:10 GMT+8 What We All Need To Do Together To Secure The Open Source Software Supply Chain English Session Brian Behlendorf

09:40 GMT+8 InnerSource and the Apache Way: How to learn Open Source English Session Danese Cooper

10:10 GMT+8 Focus on Basic Open Source Software and Promote Open Source Development Chinese Session Ren Xudong

10:30 GMT+8 Apache's success story in China Chinese Panel Willem Jiang, Sheng Wu, Ted Liu, Jerry Tan, Bo Jiang

11:30 GMT+8 Top Project Start-ups Panel Chinese Panel Xiangdong Huang, Jialin Qiao, Ming Wen, Liang Zhang, Lidong Dai


09:00 GMT+8 Practical Steps to Encourage Community Growth English Session Rich Bowen

09:20 GMT+8 Brand Management - An Introduction English Session Mark Thomas

09:55 GMT+8 OpenChain Project Introduction English Session Shane Coughlan

10:20 GMT+8 The road from Apache Doris open source project to product commercialization exploration Chinese Session Linjiang Lian

10:50 GMT+8 How China is developing a global open source governance strategy Chinese Panel Wei Wang, YongLei Wang, Richard Bian, Frank Zhao


09:00 GMT+8 Learning the Apache Way through the ASF Incubator English Session Justin Mclean

09:30 GMT+8 Numbers in open source Chinese Session Frank Zhao

09:45 GMT+8 Open source communities are the best social universities Chinese Session Xia Xiaoya

10:00 GMT+8 Contribute to Free Education and Youth Development in Open Community Chinese Session Miya Liu

10:15 GMT+8 Power TUNA Chinese Session Yipeng Liu

10:30 GMT+8 History and technical analysis of the real-time data warehouse Apache Doris Chinese Session Dongjin Zhang

11:00 GMT+8 @ApacheConAsia: Open Source Newcomers from Generation Z Chinese Panel Meng Li, Sky, Qijun Xie, Jieker, Zhangheng Huang